Inspiration Generation National winner 🏆

We would like to congratulate Marjorie Carter for recently winning a National award for inspiring a generation.

Marjorie competed as a gymnast at the 1952 Helsinki Olympic Games & the 1960 Rome Olympic Games. Marjorie then went on to coaching, and inspired many gymnasts and coaches throughout the years. SGA head coaches Nikii and Evy were coached by Marjorie at the city of Leeds gymnastics club where she was head coach for many years. Marjorie was also a huge part of the Leeds Esprit coaching team for 8 years, and volunteered 3 times a week at the club, because of her love for the sport.

McCarthy & Stone build retirement housing across Britain, and have a complex where Marjorie currently lives. McCarthy & Stone have recently run a campaign called Inspirational Generation, which involved a search for the most inspirational older people in the UK. There have been various regional winners of the campaign, and Marjorie has been chosen as the National winner!

McCarthy & Stone teamed up with Leeds Esprit and held an event to celebrate Marjorie’s amazing achievement!

Congratulations from everyone at SGA. We are all very proud of Marjorie, and she is a very well deserved winner! 🏆

Marjorie was a huge inspiration to us and inspired us to coach. Without that SGA would not exist. Thankyou Marjorie ⭐️

Watch Marjorie in action here:

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