Summer term start dates!

Hope everyone had a great Easter! All current members start back from Tuesday  16th April! Any new members sessions will commence from mon 22nd April unless your booking form states an earlier start date! See you all soon! 🙂

Who rang the new move bell? 11th-17th March!


Who rang the new move bell? 11th-17th March!
Ellie Smith – Front Half, Back Straight x2
Brodie Aziz – Roundoff Flick 1 1/2 Twist
Sophia Broadbent – Roundoff Back Half on Airtrack
Anya Broadbent – Roundoff Straight Back, Tuck Back on Airtrack
Tilly Grunwell – Roundoff Flick Double Twist
Olivia Young – Roundoff Back Tuck on Airtrack
Emily Priestley – Backward Walkover & Front Somi.
Ellena-May Gross – Cartwheel both ways
Jacob Bland – Front somi x2 on double mini & Backward walkover
Ellis Miller – Half in Back Out Straight to pit mat.
Coral Rose – Half in Back Out Straight to pit mat.
Joe Derritt – Seat Drop to stand on trampoline.

Wow!!!! Loads of new moves! Well Done everyone 🙂

Important Reminder!


Important Reminder!

Drop Off / Pick Up & Car Park Safety Reminder!

Never drop your child off in the car park – escort them into gym and do not leave them until their class starts.

Always collect your child punctually at the end of each session, from the gym – not the car park.

Ensure your child is with you at all times when leaving the gym & take care when returning to your car.

Please drive slowly whilst in the car park and always be aware that there may be children about.

Park with consideration for others.

Ensure everyone is kept safe by following the rules.

Many Thanks 🙂