Christmas Displays

Click below to download a copy of your child’s christmas display letter for 2018.  Please ensure you check your child’s times for the last practice and the day of the display as these may differ from your child’s usual class time.

Comp xmas display 2018

Dev xmas display 1 2018

Dev xmas display 2 2018

Sat xmas display 2018 SS & GS2 (1)

Sat xmas display 2018 GS3 & AS (2)  Please note arrival time of 10.15 for a 10.30am start. 

Sat xmas display 2018 GS1 (3)  – Please note time change for the Gym Stars 1 class!

thurs xmas display 2018 SS T1 (1)

thurs xmas display 2018 GS1 T2 AS (2)

thurs xmas display 2018 GS2 ASA (3)


Christmas Display Time change info for Thursday & Saturday Recreational classes.

Saturday display & practice time change info – Please see updated times for both practice & display

Thursdays display and practice time changes info

display timetable 2018 – Updated timetable