Who Rang the New Move Bell This Week! (28th Jan – 3rd Feb)


A Big Well Done to the following Gymnasts:

Ellie Raw – Back to bridge, kick over.  

Lily Walker – Bridge Kick over. 
Damien Quinton – New Tumble – Front Half, Back Straight, Back Full Twist. 
Megan Coates – New Tumble – Front full Twist, Handspring, Front Half Twist. 
Katie Richardson – Bridge Kick Over. 
Abbie Davison – 2 New Tumbles – Front Walkout Handspring Front & Round Off Flick Full Twist. 
Jake Oates – New Tumble – Round off Straight Back, Tuck Back. Ellis Miller- Half in Back Out Tucked to Land.
Yasmin Firth – Bridge Kick Over. 
Hayden Farrant Smith – Back to Bridge from standing & Kick Over.
Acasia Welburn – Roundoff!
Jo Pattison – Also a big well done to Jo for her first back tumbles whilst recovering from her elbow injury!

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