Info for Gymnasts Competing in the British TeamGym Championships

Important! Competing Gymnasts at the British TeamGym Championships to update their Biography section on the BAGA member portal. This info may be used during the competition by the commentator. Please follow the instructions below:

Appendix 1 – CIS Instructions
If you would like make sure your record is up to date and help with building the database of interesting information about all of our gymnasts, please complete the following steps:
1. This is the link to the new GymNET site: https://gymnet.british-
2. If you don’t know your GymNET Password, click on the link under the ‚Login‛ button. Then complete the details on the following page and a reminder will be sent to the email address listed within the membership system.
3. If you don’t think you have a valid email address that you have previously submitted to British Gymnastics, then please call Member Services on 0845 1297129
4. Once you have gained access to GymNET by entering your membership number and password you can add/change your details by clicking on fields where a pencil icon appears. Some fields are fixed and not able to be modified.
5. We are particularly interested in the fields in the ‚Biography‛ tab, but it would be greatly appreciated if you could update anything which is not up to date on your entire record.
6. Please remember on the Biography tab only to include anything that you are happy may be read out by the commentators over the public address system to the spectators in the audience or that may be used in press releases and other marketing material.
Thank you in advance if you are able to take a few minutes to update your record and please do log back in regularly as the data contained within GymNET is the primary way that British Gymnastics can help improve communication and engagement with you as members.

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