Introducing the SGA Star of the Week Awards.

A gymnast from Each class or Section will be chosen for the weekly Award. Coaches will be assessing the gymnasts on new skills, attitude, hard work, enthusiasm and progression. Well Done to the first winners of the Awards. There are also a few photos of some of the winners. Well Done everyone! πŸ™‚

SGA Star Of The Week

Week 1 – 19th – 25th Jan 2015

Twinkles 2 – Ford Hickey

Gym Stars 3 (Tue) – Olivia Brown

All Stars (Tue) – Natalie Brown

Newby Early Birds – Kicca Mascia

Shooting Stars (Thurs) – Veronica Kovel-Meth

Gym Stars 1 (Thurs) – Mirren Elwick

Gym Stars 2 (Thurs) – Frazer Ives

All Stars (Thurs) – Venice Lazenby

Gym Stars 2 (Sat) – Alex Liley

Gym Stars 3 (Sat) – Edie Mayes

All Stars (Sat) – Lily May

Trampoline 1 – Lily Mae Gascoyne

Trampoline 2 – Harley Tyler

Trampoline 3 – Harry Coopland

Trampoline 4 – Sarah Qunibi

Entry Squad 1 – Ellie Mae Sharp

Entry Squad 2 – Matthew Wanless

Entry Squad 3 – Rio Corrigan

Mini Development – Maya Jackson

Girls Development 2 – Ellie Broadhead

Boys Development – Rory Brent

Girls Development 1 – Tilly Pratt

Youth Girls – Jessica Raw

Youth / Junior Boys – Damien Quinton

Junior / Senior Girls – Megan Coates

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