Star of the Week Awards.

Star of the Week Awards. Well Done everyone, keep up the hard work! 🙂

SGA Star Of The Week

Week 1 – 26th Jan – 1st Feb 2015

Twinkles 1 – Benja Buric

Twinkles 2 – Freddie Grimwood

Gym Stars 3 (Tue) – Olivia Taylor

All Stars (Tue) – Megan Buttery

Newby Early Birds – Tabitha Parker

Shooting Stars (Thurs) – Elena Kitson

Gym Stars 1 (Thurs) – Eliza Peattie

Gym Stars 2 (Thurs) – Isabella Holdsworth

Gym Stars 3 (Thurs) – Freya Eddy

All Stars (Thurs) – Isla Eddy

Shooting Stars (Sat) – Charlie Manship

Gym Stars 1 – Archie Austin

Gym Stars 2 (Sat) – Ben Moorhouse

Gym Stars 3 (Sat) – Chelsea Entwistle

All Stars (Sat) – Caitlin Vasey

Entry Squad 1 – Bella Hargreaves

Entry Squad 2 – Jemima Wallace

Entry Squad 3 – Jodie Best

Mini Development – Charlie Broadhead

Girls Development 2 – Ffion Richards

Boys Development – Jacob Bland

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