Important Reminder


Please drive slowly! Be considerate when parking and please do not park in the coaches parking area. To avoid traffic congestion make a little more time for your journey and park a short walk away from the gym. Please do not park in any of the other private business car parks on Barry’s Lane. Ensure that you keep all fire exits free when dropping off, waiting for or collecting your child.

Please ensure that the gym is open before you leave your child & that all gymnasts are supervised in the waiting area by an adult until the class begins. The club cannot be responsible for any gymnasts until they are in the supervised gymnastics area.

Please ensure that gymnasts are picked up promptly by a parent / named adult from the gym at the end of their session, gymnasts will not be allowed to meet parents in the car park unless you have provided written permission. If you have a problem in picking your child up on time please ensure that coaches are informed by phone. Gymnasts who are repeatedly collected late will incur an additional fee charge.

Thankyou for your cooperation πŸ™‚

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