Join the SGA Weekly Fundraising Lottery NOW to be included in the Christmas £1000 Lottery Draw! Dont miss the big draw joining deadline, return your forms by 20th October!

SGA WEEKLY FUNDRAISING LOTTERY – Who will be the next big winner? Join Now for some great Weekly Prizes and the chance to win £1000!  Join before October 20th to be included in the next big £1000 draw!

SGA has a fundraising lottery that not only helps raise money to pay for gym equipment it is also provides you with the opportunity to win money!


The Lottery Administrator is Aimee Hickey available to contact for more information via email
The Lottery Promotor is Evy Walker available via email

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why a lottery club?
A. Fundraising and fun!

Q. What will the money raised be used for?
A. It will all go towards gym equipment, events, and transport.

Q. When will the lottery be drawn?
A. Four balls are drawn each month. The first wins £100 the next 3 win £20. Twice a year we replace the £100 draw with a £1,000 draw.

Q. What are the prizes?
A. £20, £100 or £1000!!!!!!!!!

Q. But with prizes like that, how much will be raised for the club?
A. The lottery current produces a surplus for the club. Every new ball sold adds to that surplus that allows us to purchase better equipment for the gym.

Q. How much will playing the lottery cost?
A. £1 per number per week

Q. How many numbers can I have?
A. You can have as many as you like! One for each member of the family would be great!

Q. How will I pay my £1?
A. By standing order through your bank, as we could not hope to collect a weekly £1 coin from everyone. We don’t want anyone to miss out though, so if you are not happy about doing this, just be in touch and we will try to sort something out for you.

Q. How do I get a number?
A. Pick up a form from gymnastics or print the form and return the application form to the gym club and taking the standing order to your bank. If you have trouble getting to the bank, we can drop it in for you, but you should put the form in a sealed envelope. You will be put in the draw the month after your first payment.

Q. What actually happens at a draw?
A. All the numbers are placed in a specially made, very large(!) bag and the winning number is usually drawn by a very enthusiastic gymnast! The winner is then notified and handed a cheque a.s.a.p. The draw is done openly in front of all those at the gym that night.

Q. Are there any special rules for playing the lottery that I should be aware of?
A. Yes. People under 16 can not have a ticket directly in their name. Also ticket holders have to be members, friends or acquaintances of SGA.

Q. How do I set up a standing order at the bank?
A. You must first complete the standing order part of the application form and then drop it in at your Bank. The Treasurer will keep an eye on the fundraising account to make sure the first payment has been done properly for you.

Q Why is the standing order for £4.34 per month?
A. It is because there are some 4 week months and some 5 week months. £52 (£1 each week) divided by 12 (months) equals £4.34.

Q. What about getting my ticket in time for the two big draws?
A. To have your number in for the £1000 draw you must have been a fully paid up member the lottery for at least 12 weeks before the date of the draw.

Q. What will happens when I no longer want to be in the lottery?
A. You need to notify the Treasurer and cancel your standing order with your Bank. Your number will come out of the draw after the last payment has been made.

Q. Who will oversee the lottery and make sure that it is run properly?
A. The Fundraising Committee has a constitution for the lottery, a copy of which you can check at any time. Just ask.

Join now ready for the next Big £1000 Draw!

img 4264

img 4264

Click the Links below for more info & to download an application form!


Lottery Application Form 2015

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