International TeamGym Cup 2015 – Las Palmas Gran Canaria

Congratulations to the three teams from SGA who competed in the International Cup in Gran Canaria yesterday.  The teams performed brilliantly, winning Gold in the Junior Women’s Category, Gold in the Youth Micro Girls event and Silver in the Youth Mixed Micro event.  The gymnasts enjoyed the competitive experience and everyone was rewarded for their hard work in the run up to the competition.  Big thanks to the coaches (Nikii, Kadie, Hannah, Evy and Cathy), Megan SGAs judge, Gemma SGA’s a Welfare Officer, Mieka and Nina our competition helpers and to all the parents and supporters for their ongoing commitment and support of the gymnasts.  Everyone is proud of the teams achievements and looking forwards to getting back to the gym to learn some new skills. 😀

The next event for the team and display gymnasts is the Gran Canaria Blume festival opening ceremony tomorrow which everyone is excited to take part in.☀️


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