And the Winners of the Easter Raffle are…..

SGA Easter raffle results!! 😊🐣 Thanks to everybody who has donated prizes or bought a ticket. The raffle has raised an amazing Β£378 which will go towards fantastic new equipment for everybody at the club to use. πŸ™ŒπŸ‘πŸ˜ƒ
1st chocolate hamper = Alex Lilly 

2nd Easter cake = Benji Walters hardy

3rd chocolate bunny = Abbie stapler 

4th cupcake = Isaac Grunwell

5th cupcakes = Lottie Cammish

6th yellow Easter basket = Hayden smith 

7th small Easter basket = Zoe deval 

8th Easter bag = Libby gillet 

9th Easter bag = Isabella quest 

10th chocolate foundue = Irene 

11th large malteser egg = grace Coleman 

12th box of roses = Rebecca Strickland 

13th box of quality streets = Emily Lewis 

14th to 19th medium eggs = Lucy lake 

Lily collinson



Any cross

Annabelle Jennings 

20th kinder egg = Jayanna 

21st to 41st Easter egg = k McDonald

Tilly Grunwell

Ruby riskier

Olivia Atkinson barker


Lacie drydale

Freya Jackson


Millie grassem

Ant hickey

Sarah Bruce 

Jo Walton

Kelly metcalf

Joseph benson

Lottie bland

Ayla Dack

Hannah Bishop

Joe Hatton 

Alice Fenby

Karen vasey 

41st malteser bus = Nathan 

42nd to 49th small egg = Becky

Lisa Brindle

Megan Coates new 

neve new wed 

Freya Watson

Ellie Adams 

Jemima Wallace  

50 to 57 = Sainsbury egg = Nina Matla 

Evie and Olivia Taylor

Lucy Fairbanks

Ella pre school 

58 – 62 boxes of chocs = lily collinson 

can’t find names 😁 

63 cream eggs = Abby Asquith 

64 egg and spoon Natasha charlesworth

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