Adult Gymnastics at SGA – Starts back Thursday 8th September

Adult Gymnastics – Open Sessions – Thursday’s 7-8pm. New members welcome!

Adult classes are held at SGA on a Thursday from 7-8pm. The session is now running alongside another class so Adults are welcome to join in the group warm up and the apparatus set ups the class is using or alternatively use the rest of the equipment as an open style / self led session.  Coaches are always on hand if you should require help with set ups / skills or with any warm up / conditioning / stretching ideas. The class is suitable for all and the open session suitable for participants with some gymnastics / fitness / background.

Classes are charged at a drop in rate of £6.00 per session for the first two sessions.  There is also an annual payment of £17 to British Gymnastics which is required and payable at the start of week 3.  Alternatively if you only plan to attend occasionally after week 2 members can pay a £7.50 class fee which includes the British Gymnastics Membership.

If you would like to join, just turn up ten minutes before the session so we can register you. There is also a bit of info about the session below.


REGISTRATION FROM 6.50PM – New Members Pop into the gym for a registration form before the session starts.

Whether you want to dust off the cobwebs from your last school gymnastics lesson, are an ex-competition level gymnast or from another area of sport, dance, fitness and just want to work on your skills the SGA open class is for you! This class is open for everyone from the experienced beginner to the more advanced adult gymnast and there are no age restrictions as long as you are over 16, new faces are always welcome. SGA provides a safe, friendly environment with professional coaches who are available for any tips / feedback / support throughout the session. The session is ideal to learn new skills or improve existing skills at your own pace! Improve your physical fitness, strength & flexibility whilst having FUN! The session is fully self led so after an initial warm up and stretch, participants are free to use the fantastic equipment to pursue your own goals or work on the apparatus set ups the groups are using which runs alongside the adult class.

Whatever your level of experience or fitness, adult gym is fun, good exercise and a great way to challenge yourself. Learning how to flip, swing, and come as close to self powered flight is a blast! Interested? Pop to SGA on Thursday and see what its all about!

If you have any further questions email

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