Interested in getting involved in Gymnastics Coaching at SGA?

SGA are always on the look out for aspiring coaches to get involved with the clubs activities. Whether you are a current or ex gymnast or an adult with an interest in gymnastics we would be interested in hearing from you.  Below are links to the relevant courses so you can look out for a course coming soon in the Yorkshire Area.

UKCC Level 1 Coach – Age 16+

British Gymnastics are running a level 1 coaching course at SGA on March 25th & 26th and there are a couple of places still available (booking closes on Thursday 23rd March)  This course is an official British gymnastics Coaching Qualification and anyone aged 16+ can attend this.  UKCC Level 1 Coach: This course will qualify you to be an assistant coach within your chosen gymnastics discipline. You will learn theoretical gymnastic knowledge such as emotional, cognitive and biomechanical development, as well as discipline specific practical skills. You will be able to support budding participants in a variety of moves and apparatus and help them in their gymnastics development.

Enrol here –

Award Scheme Coaching Core Proficiency – Age 14+

This course will qualify you to teach our Core Proficiency Award Scheme within a club or leisure centre environment.Award scheme coaching is a great way to get involved with coaching gymnastics, even if you are new to the sport. You get to coach gymnastics within a fun environment, supporting participants in the development of new skills through dynamic pulse raising, strength and flexibility exercises. You can deliver fun gymnastics through detailed workcards, which include exciting activities and exercises for participants to follow. You get to work with both female and male participants ranging from ages five to eleven.

Many of our award scheme coaches are parents, teachers or gymnasts.

Intro into Coaching – Age 11 to 17

This course offers you the exciting chance to begin your coaching journey. You will learn about the fundamentals skills of being a coach and how to apply these skills within a gymnastics environment.  You will learn the roles and responsibilities of a coach, develop a basic understanding of the technicalities of gymnastics, and understand the role of a helper within coaching sessions.  This course will allow you to develop a better understanding of gymnastics and the many exciting opportunities on offer.

If you are interested please follow the booking / payment instructions on the links above.   Participants must also be members of British Gymnastics which you can organise through SGA or independently.

If you would like any advice or further info please get in touch with Evy or Nikii at SGA.

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