Important Dates for Diary!

Hi everyone, all current members were sent the following information in an email last week. The email address you used to register your child with British Gymnastics was used. If you have not received this email please check your junk mail so you do not miss any further information.

Just a reminder of some important key events, dates and sessions coming up in case you have misplaced your original information.  If your child is a competitive / development gymnast you may also receive additional times / info in a separate email or letter.

Gym Closure – SGA is participating in the International TeamGym Cup in Gran Canaria there for just a reminder that the gym will close at 8pm on Tue 21st November and will reopen at 3.45pm on Friday 1st December.  Please note there is still a Newby School Early morning session on Wed 22nd November but not the following week.  Other than the scheduled closure the Twinkles pre school sessions should run as normal unless notified.

Christmas Display Ticket Orders – Tickets are limited so [please send in your ticket orders before Saturday 18th November.

Christmas Display Practices – Please ensure you child attends any remaining training sessions in the run up to the Christmas Displays.  Your child should attend at their normal time for training unless your display later has a different practice time on for the week before the display?  Practice times / days are as follows for recreational displays.

Thursday 7th December – Display Practice – All Times / classes are as normal unless changes detailed below.


Gym Stars 2 (Usual time 5.30-6.30pm)

All Stars (Usual Time 6-7pm)

Trampoline 3 (Usual time 5.30-6.15pm)


Trampoline 4 (Usual Time 6.15-7pm)

Saturday 3rd December – Display Practice


Shooting Stars (Usual time 9-9.45am)

Gym Stars 2 (Usual Time 10.30-111.30am)


Gym Stars 1 (Usual Time 9.45-10.30am)

Gym Stars 3 (Usual Time 11.30am-12.30pm)

All Stars (Usual Time 12-1pm)

For Christmas Display times please see attached display timetable.

Display Outfits

Recreational Class Christmas Display Outfits (Thursday / Saturday Displays) – Gymnasts must wear a new black club leotard / plain black boys outfit & hair to be nice and tidy, gymnasts may wear some extra xmas sparkles in hair (tinsel etc!!!)  On this occasion as some gymnasts are new to the club or may not have the new club leotard yet, they should wear either – any plain black or bright pink leotard or plain black shorts and black Tshirt / black leggings (ensure garments are plain & that the material is stretchy so it does not restrict movement & no buttons / buckles / zips!).  We have just done a club leotard order & have ordered a few extras if you would like to purchase one.

Development Class Christmas Display Outfits (Tuesday Displays) All female Gymnasts to wear the development group flower leotard & male gymnasts to wear black stirrups and black long sleeve or green / black competition top.  Hair to be nice and tidy, gymnasts may wear some extra xmas sparkles in hair (tinsel etc!!!)

Competitive Gymnasts Christmas Display Outfits (Monday Display) – As instructed by coaches.  Please see your childs coach if your are unsure.

Raffle / Tombola Donations – SGA fundraising committee would be very appreciative if participating gymnasts could provide a contribution to the club fundraising to help buy some exciting new equipment.  Prizes could include a wrapped bottle, tombola prize or other small donation.  In recognition of equal opportunities this request is not conditional to participation.  Please hand to a member of the coaching team at your child’s next session if you have a donation.

Photography If any spectators would like to video / photograph please note No flash photography will be allowed during the performance. Please ensure your Childs permission slip has been signed and returned as videos / photos of the displays will be published on the clubs website and other SGA internet pages.

Display Volunteers – If anyone is available to help out in the kitchen or on any of the stalls at any display day / time throughout the displays or please let us know.  (Display days Sat 9th, Mon 11th, Tue 12th, Thurs 14th Dec)

Final Sessions on Saturday 16th December – As this is the last Sat session of term we will be running a fun session. Your child’s session will be as normal unless detailed below.

Saturdays All Stars – Time for 16th Dec – 11.30am-12.30pm instead of usual time 12-1pm.

Final Sessions on Thursday 21st December – As this is the last Thurs session of term we will be running a fun session and your child’s time may change for this week.

Fun Session 1 – Thursday 21st Dec – 4.00-4.45pm

Shooting Stars (Usual time 4-4.45pm)

Gym Stars 1 (Usual Time 4.45-5.30pm)

Trampoline 1 (Usual time 4-4.45pm)

Trampoline 2 (Usual Time 4.45-5.30pm)

Fun Session 2 – Thursday 21st Dec – 4.45-5.45pm

Gym Stars 3 (Usual time 4-5pm)

Gym Stars 2 (Usual Time 5.30-6.30pm)

Trampoline 3 (Usual time 5.30-6.15pm)

Trampoline 4 (Usual time 6.15-7pm)

Fun Session 3 – Thursday 21st Dec – 5.45-6.45pm

All Stars (Usual time 6-7pm)

Youth Entry Squad (Usual Time 6.30-8pm)

All Stars Advanced (Usual time 7-8pm)

Next Terms Fee Letters have been given out, if your child has not brought theirs home please pop into the gym to pick up a copy.  All fees to be returned by the date shown on your form in order to guarantee a place for your child.  Current members are given priority booking however after the closing date the places will then be offered to a gymnast waiting for a place.  If your child will not be continuing sessions the the club please ensure you have sent a cancellation letter to confirm this.

SGA will close for the Christmas Break on Thursday 21st December at 7pm & reopen at 4pm on Monday 8th December.  Please see your child’s booking form for specific group / class times / dates.

Please email if you have any questions.  You will be notified asap if there are any changes or errors to the information you have received.

Apologies if you have received this email more than once, it is directly linked to the British gymnastics registration and if you have more than one child registered to the same email address. 🙂

Many Thanks. SGA 🙂

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