Reminder of altered times for Final Thursday Sessions (21st December)

Final Sessions on Thursday 21st December – As this is the last Thurs session of term we will be running a fun session and your child’s class time may change for this week.

Fun Session 1 – Thursday 21st Dec – 4.00-4.45pm – For the following classes

Shooting Stars (Usual time 4-4.45pm)

Gym Stars 1 (Usual Time 4.45-5.30pm)

Trampoline 1 (Usual time 4-4.45pm)

Trampoline 2 (Usual Time 4.45-5.30pm)

Fun Session 2 – Thursday 21st Dec – 4.45-5.45pm For the following classes

Gym Stars 3 (Usual time 4-5pm)

Gym Stars 2 (Usual Time 5.30-6.30pm)

Trampoline 3 (Usual time 5.30-6.15pm)

Trampoline 4 (Usual time 6.15-7pm)

Fun Session 3 – Thursday 21st Dec – 5.45-6.45pm For the following classes

All Stars (Usual time 6-7pm)

Youth Entry Squad (Usual Time 6.30-8pm)

All Stars Advanced (Usual time 7-8pm)

SGA will close for Christmas on Thursday 21st December at 6.45pm & reopen on Monday 8th January at 4pm.  Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year 🙂

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