British Teamgym Championships beckon for Scarboroughs National Teams


Five teams from Scarborough Gymnastics Academy, coached by Evy, Nikii and Kadie Walker, travelled to Edinburgh to compete in the Northern & Midlands Team Gym Championships 2010. The three national teams competed successfully, qualifying to compete in the British Team Gym Championships in May

The competition is split into three age groups, Primary, Junior & Senior and there are two categories in each age group, Regional and National. The National level teams compete at the highest level in order to possibly qualify for the British Championships; the regional level team compete at a slightly lower level in order to gain valuable experience in preparation for competing at National level in the future.

Teamgym involves teams of between 6 and 12 gymnasts competing as a team on Floor, Vault and Tumble. The floor routine involves the gymnasts performing required gymnastic elements together with dance. The tumble routine includes six gymnasts performing three separate tumbles in quick succession. The tumbles included were backflips, twisting and multiple somersaults in various shapes, straight, tuck & pike and using different directions. The trampette routine involves six gymnasts performing two separate somersaults with different shapes and degrees of rotation or twist from the trampette & one vault using the trampette and vaulting table.

The first competition was the primary section, for gymnasts aged between 8 and 12 years. The Scarborough National Primary Team and the Regional Primary Team were up against tough competition in their respective sections. All Primary teams had a fantastic day, performing their routines with flair and clearly enjoyed the competitive experience. The Scarborough Sparkles Primary National team were placed in second place on floor, tumble & trampette and were awarded second place overall in the Primary National section. The team needed to score 19.00 to qualify for the British Championships and scored an outstanding 20.15. It was the Scarborough Twinkles first Northern competition which was a huge challenge for the young team. The Twinkles managed to secure third place on all apparatus and a fantastic 3rd place overall.

The Scarborough All Stars National Junior girls team were next to compete, the team of 11 members are aged between 12 and 15 were up against strong competition from the other Northern teams. The team performed with excellent consistence on all apparatus having no major mistakes. The team managed to secure an amazing second place overall as well as second on floor and tumble, and first on trampette which was brilliant success in the teams most challenging competition to date. The teams had to score over 20.00 to qualify for the British finals, they scored an outstanding score of 22.35 firmly securing their place in the finals.

The Scarborough Stars Regional Junior girl’s team competed fantastically with great team work, performing many new skills on tumble and trampette and with a new floor routine the strong team showed great all round performance. The team were crowned the Northern Junior Regional Champions 2010, which is a first for the club. The competition was a great success for the team who managed to secure 2nd on floor and 1st place on both tumble and trampette.

The Scarborough Senior National girls team were next to compete, the small team of 7 members aged 17 and over were up against very strong competition from the other Northern teams. The team performed consistently on all pieces of apparatus. The new senior team were aiming at learning from the competition in preparation for next year but managed to secure a surprising 3rd place overall as well as second on floor which was great success. The teams succeeded in scoring 20.00 to qualify for the British finals, which is the first time the club will be represented by senior gymnasts at a British Championships.

Team Coach Evy Walker said “There was a great team ethic on the day and Scarborough were well represented on the day with 44 competing gymnasts. “A big well done to everyone who took part” The next team gym competition for both qualifying National squads is the British Championships which is in Gloucester in Mayl”

Scarborough Sparkles Primary National Team:
From Scarborough: Megan Coates, Coral Rose, Abigail Catherall, Ellis Miller & Jessica Roger. From Whitby: Anna Sweeney & Evie Storr. From Pickering: Caitlin Frith. 

Scarborough Twinkles Primary Regional Team:
From Scarborough: Emily Newbould, Sophie Gambles, Ellie Smith, Hannah Lockwood, Tilly Grunwell, Freya Cox, Emma Roger. From Whitby: Freya Storr. 

Scarborough Stars Junior Regional Team:
From Scarborough: Jo Pattison, Leah Pattison, Amber Green and Alison Squires. From Bridlington: Rebecca Lockwood. From Pickering: Holly Frith.From Whitby: Niamh Sweeney, Emily Hansell, Ellie Brettle and Jaye-Jae Wood. (Rebecca Lockwood missing from team photo) 

Scarborough All Stars Junior National Team:
From Scarborough: Zoe Pindar, Bobbie Moorhouse, Amber Atkinson, Megan Richardson, Megan Woodward-Hay, Molly Owenson, Bethany Morley, Beate Richings and Amber Rose Wilson. From Pickering: Millie Bell. From Bridlington: Cana Machen, Zoe Pindar, Molly Owenson, Beate Richings & Cana Machen missing from main team photo. 

Scarborough Senior National Womens Team:
From Scarborough: Alex Moorhouse, Hannah Bishop, Nicola Walker, Kadie Walker, Sarah Hoff. From Whitby: Meg Locker. From Leeds: Aimee Walker.



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